Seriously just wow! I was blown away when this came in. It’s seriously sturdy, nice, thick heavy wood with an even matte black finish. The white lettering really pops from the frame, and is slightly raised, but that’s hard to see unless you touch it. And the quote is perfect for a collage of pics with my friends. I love that it comes with 2 4×4 options too. It’s great for Instagram photos or just to crop out unnecessary parts. The center spot is a split 5×7 or you can put 2 4×6’s cutting off the top or bottom edge of the photo. Great for landscapes.


The glass is heavy duty as well, and is one single piece that fits in the entire frame as opposed to individual squares. Makes swapping out photos super easy. There are also 2 ways to hang it. Either with the saw teeth hooks or the nail screw hooks built into the frame on the sides. It’s just under an inch thick and slightly heavy so I know its going to hold up. It really is a beautiful frame and goes with any decor.



Adecco also has another collage picture frame that I absolutey love! It can be hung vertically or horizontally with the metal saw hooks on the back of the frame. The frame is a lighter weight plastic but is sturdy and looks a lot nicer than other plastic frames. The scrollwork is beautiful and looks really nice against my colored wall in my house. The color pops behind the frame.


Each photo frame has its own piece of thick glass and has secure closures around it. So if you only need to replace one picture its super easy to do with only that slot. This frame adds a few square photos too, so you can print off your lovely Instagram photos and add them to this as well! Or even trim down a larger photo you may have. These has made gorgeous additions to my living room! I couldn’t be happier with them!

 You can visit their storefront and purchase your own on Amazon here