The Baby Box Co has recently launched in the United States and is a company looking to focus on safe sleep habits for newborns. Finland has had a baby box since the 1930’s in which every single newborn is given a box to sleep in for its first few months along with necessities such as diapers and clothes. This has led to a major decline in infant mortality rates since its inception. I was thrilled to learn that this has now made its way here!

If you go to Baby Box University there is an Ohio Syllabus if you live in or around the state of Ohio where you watch a series of videos that total about 15-20 minutes total about safe sleeping habits for your new little one. When you’re finished, you have the choice of a free box being sent to you, or printing out a certificate and picking up your box at a local listed participating hospital.

Inside the box it comes with a waterproof crib/box mattress with a sheet, a full pack of size 1 Pamper diapers, a newborn onesie, Pampers sensitive wipes sample and some coupons and samples for breastfeeding essentials. The box type you get is completely random and most are pretty gender neutral. It’s also a great thing to use as a keepsake later in life. The lid is only there for storage, but you can keep all the little treasures from the first year in there to have for later in their life!