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Mommy Must Haves – manual breast pumps

So I have now been guilty of forgetting my pump bag at home when I’ve gone to work… Twice! And going more than 5 hours with a 3 month old, is pretty much boob suicide, let’s be honest. The pain is real. Very real. Also what do you do on car trips, or outings when sitting in the car isn’t very feasible? Manual pumps are a must have if you’re breast feeding.

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Baby Box Co’s free box with freebies!

The Baby Box Co has recently launched in the United States and is a company looking to focus on safe sleep habits for newborns. Finland has had a baby box since the 1930’s in which every single newborn is given a box to sleep in for its first few months along with necessities such as diapers and clothes. This has led to a major decline in infant mortality rates since its inception. I was thrilled to learn that this has now made its way here!

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Pregnancy Life: StitchFix maternity clothes!

Guys! StitchFix will deliver maternity clothes to your door!!! No need to waddle through the store and get annoyed and hot and sweaty and tired. Try on at your own pace, Keep and pay for what you want, and ship back (for free) what you don’t!

Don’t know what StitchFix is? Let me help. So you go to their website here and fill our your style profile. No one is judging you here, so don’t be ashamed to put you’re ACTUAL size not what you wish or tell people, and don’t be afraid to put in what colors you love or loathe. The stylists are all here for you and want you to be happy! At the end there’s also a notes section where you can be more specific. So like for this maternity box I wrote that i was still rocking normal pants, but really needed more tops, so she threw in one pair of leggings (That I did buy mind you!) and the rest were work clothes.
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SySrion Baby Beach Tent

Ok so with a new little one on the way, I’ve been on the look out for all sorts of products to keep my little man safe and happy. When I got the chance to test this out i was thrilled! This is a great little tent perfect for a couple of small children even, that can go anywhere with us!

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Pregnancy life: Things noone tells you about your First Trimester

For the most part, us new moms know kind of what to expect from all the (horror) stories from our mom friends, mother’s, sister’s, everyone who’s ever given birth… But there are a few things that women just don’t pass on! And these SHOULD be the things we know about!

So did i miss anything else? Because let’s be honest, pregnancy brain is VERY real.

Pregnancy life: Announcing our pregnancy to our parents!

So I realize this is looooonnnnggggg…… Overdue. And so has a blog post been! But for those that don’t know, I’ve been a little erm…. Distracted the past few months.

Never fear we’re going to try to ramp this up again! Only with more cute little family and baby posts lol. Enjoy!

Super Stroller Organizer

Children n Us makes some awesome kid/baby products! The Super Stroller Organizer is just one of them! It’s the perfect size, not too big not too small, to fit all of the essentials into! Bottle, phone, diapers, wipes, burp clothes and even an extra outfit! This is perfect for short little daytime trips. There’s tons of little pockets to fit small things in; toys, sunglasses, phone, etc. And it straps to darn near everything, including little umbrella strollers that don’t have baskets!

The ONLY downsides to this is that I wish it had at least one thermal pocket for a bottle at the young stage. And it’d be nice to have a removable shoulder strap to use when transporting it from the house to the car and the likes. But other than that its completely perfect for short outings without having to lug a huge stroller or diaper bag with me.

They’re reasonably priced on Amazon at $15.99. If you register for one thing let it be this! It’s a savior. And will only be used more as the baby’s grow older for quick easy trips.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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