Ok so I’ve meant to do this all week. I’ve had quite a few friends ask me about what in the world I’ve been doing on my Facebook account, so I thought I’d do a couple posts and help out.

I’ve recently gotten into the whole freebie and couponing craze, and I have to admit… It’s been way too much fun! Here’s been my first full week of free stuff!


Most of these I’ve found off a an awesome Facebook page, Freebie Ninja. He, and fans, post awesome stuff pretty much every day, so the works kind of done for you. So sign up, and if you have multiple emails, go for more freebies! Or create emails just for junk, like you can use the same name on gmail, yahoo, and hotmail. If that helps. If you get the dreaded “one per address” try adding an apt number, or an ‘s’ at the end of the road name, or swap some letters if you can. You can also be lucky, like me and have the house next to you, or across the street, vacant and use that as well. Hopefully your mailman is cool.

I’ll probably be posting these on Saturday or Sunday from the week. Feel free to ask me about anything and i’ll try to help you out if they’re still available. And I’ll be hooking y’all up with some other sites and what not 🙂