It’s October, its Autumn, I’m in love 😛 How can you not love October? Hoody weather, pumpkin everything!, Haunted Houses, candy… seriously… <3

Weekend Outing

October is also Football Season! 🙂 I grew up in small town middle of nowhere. We did 4 things: Farming, church, drinking and football. And believe you me, sometimes all at once! My Dad has always been a Dolphins fan, and ever since I was a little girl incapable of understanding football, I’ve been a Dolphins fan. And then i moved to Cincinnati, and realized I might have a decent team to root for, and became a Bengals fan. But I’ve always said the Dolphins were my first team. So yes, I did wear a Dolphins jersey, but my Bengals shirt was underneath, and my orange and black hair ribbons were in and i was rocking my Bengals sunglasses. It was my dad’s birthday after all.

Cute baby vid

Giraffe Birth (First Video)- Cincinnati Zoo

The cats were terrors this week, but this morning the Cincinnati Zoo had a new member! And they were Live Tweeting the birth!! It was awesome to be a part of. This is a company that gets social media