It’s spring time which means its spring cleaning time! You can either love it or hate it. Or you can be like me, and have the perfect excuse to redecorate!

Some people paint walls, some people reorganize a furniture layout. I like to change up decorations, which means new pillows or blankets and new pictures on the wall!

I use this time to change out photos and add new ones. The nieces and nephews get a year older, so do their photos. Group friend outings get new photos taken so those get replaced as well. But then there’s timeless artwork that’s nice to have too. And besides the old birds picture from the 60’s I got from my mother after she redecorated is just not my style… But I needed something on that wall.

Maybe you like certain styles, or certain painters. I like classic stuff such as Van Gogh and Monet. And if you can’t paint something nice yourself or have a bunch of money to shell out, Fulcrum Gallery is perfect!! They offer tons of styles and so many different artists! In fact you can get just about any size in a piece that you like! So you will find the absolute perfect piece for that spot on your wall.

The framing is gorgeous and also has a ton of styles and colors to choose from as well so anything will match your decor! And if you sign up for their email newsletter they have different sales throughout the year in every category! So you don’t have to just do it in the spring!

Even if you prefer a simpler poster frame for your dorm room or modern apartment, they have those to! You don’t have to go the fancy route. But why not if its something that will last you through multiple moves and go in any room you choose! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my Starry Night piece from them. And when I redo my bedroom this year I’m think one if Monet’s Water-lilies will look perfect across from my bed!

So check them out and look at getting your own decor! They have things for the kitchen or home bar in wine themes that I absolutely love as well!

*I received a piece to review from this company, but was otherwise not compensated financially. All opinions are my own and true.*