I’m a compulsive snacker. Probably more than I should be. I’m a fidgeter, so I’m always grabbing chips or carrot sticks or even just water or juice. It’s also the reason I crochet a lot, but that’s another story. So I was excited when BzzAgent said they were going to send me a bunch of bags to sample of Green Giants new Veggie Chips! So I could snack and not feel so guilty!

I ended up getting 2 big bags, one was the sea salt flavor and the other the zesty cheddar. Then i got about 6 small bags of sea salt. I wished the small bags had been the cheddar. The zesty cheddar wasn’t too bad. It had a strong cheese flavor, and was reminiscent of nacho cheese Doritos. Light, full of flavor and not too bad actually!

The Sea Salt on the other hand… if you like salty though, this is right up your alley! I’m not a big salt person… If I’m salting food, then you know that food has to have no flavor. I don’t even really cook with it. So it could be me. Hubby on the other hand, who salts everything religiously before even tasting it, agreed it was almost too salty for him as well. When I’m craving salty though these might be good to go to, Fortunately I still have a few coupons left to go check out some other flavors! šŸ™‚

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