RUN to your nearest Kmart!! This weekend Kmart marked their summer clearance down, and it’s ringing up 10cents! Yes you heard me right. A dime!

I got 2 pairs of capris for 22 cents!

There are also girls summer skirts, jewelry, women’s jeans and sports bra 2 packs that I now of. You’re best bet is to hopefully find a scanner somewhere in the store.

Below are some pics of what to look for from my Coupon Girls LA friends!





A lot of people have been cashing in, but if you’re in an area that has a few, or like me, has other big box stores right nipext to it, you might be able to score some of these!

Also, it’s not 100% but the jeans that I found had a code on the tag of Seas: 3013. Or Season 3013. This is not true of all things marked with that Seas code, but it is helpful when trying to figure out if you have the right pair or not. The Route 66 Flare jeans are the ones in LA’s photo, so scan those if you can find them! And good luck.

Have you had any luck finding other deals? 🙂