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This has been the talk of every gathering I’ve had this summer! It such a fun and unique piece that I can put pretty much anywhere.

I love that this comes with a remote to change settings if I’m sitting across the yard from it. It has 7 colors to choose from (including just the basic white). It can flash between colors, pulse to the beat of music (or even loud conversation), and my personal favorite; slowly go through a rainbow of colors. The slow color change is so pretty. It gives way more than the basic colors as they all blend together. You can even “pause” it in a certain color if you’re trying to match a theme.

The remote battery didn’t last long with mine. And we could only get the slow change to work by clicking the button on the bottom of the rock as opposed to the remote. The price point is a bit higher, but this thing has withstood quite a few torrential downpours and even a tumble from a chair and still works beautifully! I did purchase with a discount but all opinions are unbiased and truthful. This is such a pretty garden or porch adornment great for both indoors or out!

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I have huge feet for a woman. I wear a size 12 which equates to a men’s 10.5. Finding cute or fun shoes in my size is next to impossible.

I was so excited to find these! I’ve seen shoes like these online and never dreamed I’d find a pair that 1. Was my size and 2. Was a decent price point. Odema knocked it out of the park! First off I love how comfortable they are. They can easily be worn as an everyday shoe without the lights on and no one would know. The orange and gray color scheme is fun and practical. These are similar to running shoes. The side and tip are a breathable mesh. They have great arch support as well. As just a shoe these are perfect. I went on a mile and a half walk with my dog the first time I wore these out and I had zero break in issues! They were so comfortable!

The lights though are what totally make these fun. It comes with a micro USB charger that you plug into any USB and then it splits so you can charge both shoes at the same time. The charger port is on the inside towards where you would tie your laces. It fits in the hole where your ankle is so you never feel it and it’s not in the way at all. The button to control each shoe is located right below the charge ports.

Each shoe is controlled separately. You have your basic where it cycles through the colors and they stay on continuously, then there’s a strobing white, and then there’s a flash of each color. Then a combo flash and then slow dim from all the colors and then finally a slow fade through every color. Then off. The slow fade and the combo are my favorites. I kind of wish that it had a setting where it would change colors with every step I took, but that’s reminiscent of the light up shoes I never had as a child. These are super fun and I don’t have to worry about shock or the ports getting wet as they’re tucked inside the shoe. The battery pack is located under your heel, but there’s enough cushion that you don’t feel it while they’re on. I provided a free sample for review, but all opinions are unbiased and truthful. These have been a hit out at festivals and concerts. And it makes me easy to find in a crowd. I love these!!

I’ll admit I was a little (ok a lot) skeptical about a battery pack that can jump a car. But I was proved wrong just last week, when I had to work and hubby had already left for work, and my car wouldn’t start.

I had the battery pack charged to 3 out of the 4 blue lights it has to signal the charge level. I plugged in the jumper cables into their designated slot and then connect the red positive to the red positive and then black to black negative. The small box that separates the cables has a little light on it. It blinks red when it’s not connected right, blinks green when it’s getting juiced and set up, and stays lit green when it’s ready to go. One turn of the key and it started up!

I realized what the lights meant after I had tried to start it twice before it worked. I wasn’t waiting for the light to stay green. It had been blinking before when I had tried it. After starting my car it still showed 3 out of 4 charging lights too! You’re going to get a few full charges out of this if you use it just for your phone. I did purchase with a coupon but all opinions are honest and truthful. This is perfect to have in the car for every battery emergency needed!

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Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Mug

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We can’t deny that copper is pretty much amazing. Even better is when a nice cold drink is in a nice copper mug. Fortunately Kitchen Classique has you covered with their Moscow Mule Copper Mug! And you get a copper shot glass free with your order too!

This set is super nice! Its pretty look at and keeps your drink super cold! Both pieces are 100% copper. There’s no metal longing or copper plating like on others. That means you don’t get a metallic taste in your mouth either. The handle allows you to drink without warning the cup or freezing your fingers. I’m pretty I need to order another one as my and hubby argue over who gets it on any given evening. It also comes with a book of drink recipes which include so many different types of Moscow Mules. I highly recommend this for any spirit drinker or bar owner.

In fact I’ll leave you with a classic Moscow Mule Recipe:
6oz Ginger Beer
1 1/2 oz Vodka
Squeezed lime wedge or lime juice

Dry-Ice Whiskey Stone Combo Set

So we prefer to have a liquor chilled for the most part right? But we don’t neccassarily want it to be watered down. Especially a good scotch/whiskey/bourbon or wine. That and we don’t want to wait or always have it in the fridge. This is where Home Eco’s Whiskey Stone Combo Set comes in handy!

They offer 4 soap stones and 4 stainless steel stones. All in one case with tongs to pick them up so they stay cool without the heat from your hands warming them up. The soap stones brought it a little below room temperature if that’s your style. The stainless steel didn’t make it as cool as with ice, but still super chilled enough for me to drink.

If your someone that likes a little water in your whiskey to bring out the flavor (which a few drops is recommended by bourbon connoisseurs) but don’t want it all watered down, just use a few of these and add a few drops! It makes it perfect with the stainless steels ones!

Aroma Trees Fragrance Spray

There’s tons of airfresheners on the market. Some work, some make it smell like garbage mixed with flowers, some cover up smells for a few minutes then go away. Aroma Trees is awesome at pretty much everything.

It can be used as a air freshener, as a fabric deodorizer, and as a poo-pourri! It comes in a tiny bottle, but 1-2 sprays is enough to take care of anything! The apple scent I got smells like someone just cut open a bag of ripe juicy apples and just put them on the stove. It’s heavenly! And the smell hangs around long enough to get rid of any odors and leave a faint fruit smell even a half hour later when used as a room spray.

You can even spray it 3-5 times in the toilet to create a scent layer before you do your business. It doesn’t help super strong smells that way, but it works on light odors. I’ve ditched my other brand name air freshness in the bathroom solely for this one. It works wonders! I highly suggest picking up a bottle and trying it out!

I have received a product at a reduced cost, in exchange for my honest unbiased review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and truthful. I was not compensated in any way other than a discounted product.

URBNFit Long Exercise Bands

If you’re like me, you don’t necessarily have a gym close by, or a lot of room to set up your own gym. I’ve decided this summer I want to work on getting more in shape. I’ve tried in the past with not much luck. But I’ve found that what I need is a lot of different things to keep me motivated. I can do one type of excersise 1-2 times a week and I don’t get discouraged as quickly!

I’ve found the best workouts for my arms and upper back/chest is my Shake Weight (which is a killer workout) and URBNFit’s long excersise bands. They come in 3 different strengths so you can start with the super stretchy light band and work up to the harder heavy band.

The light is super stretchy. When I stand in the middle I can easily pull it all the way to my face. It’s a great start that makes you feel like you got a workout but you don’t feel it the next day and have jelly arms where you can’t move them. And when you think that’s too easy you just move up to the next band! I also have issues with shin splints and stress fractures. The heavy band provides the perfect resistance to stretching out my shins and calf’s to help elevate the pain! So in essence, 2 for 1!

This set also comes with a door hanger. It has a marble in one end, that you slip in between the door and door frame and then shut the door to get in some upper shoulder workouts. Its super strong and I’ve had no problems with movement or slippage from it!

So definitely check out these long exercise bands if you’re looking for a new arm workout! And if you have some already, what’s your favorite workout with them?

CJS Dash Mate

How many times do we leave our phone in our pocket when we drive only to have a call come in and we need to dig it out? Or through it on the seat or console next to us and the first corner we go around its on the floor boards out of reach? The CJS Dash Mate has you covered!

The spring loaded mount adjusts to hold any size phone, and the back let’s you mount it vertically or horizontally. It’s strong enough to hold my larger phone horizontally with no slippage problems at all!

The only issue I had with it was if you have a rounded case, like the larger Otter Box cases, it may take a few tries to get it in the mount just right so it doesn’t pop out.

Want to win one of your own? Simply like my Facebook page and leave a comment on this post to be enters! Contest ends at 10pm 6/1/15

I received this product at a discount in return for an honest unbiased review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and truthful. I was not compensated in any way other than a discount.

Fulcrum Gallery Wall Art

It’s spring time which means its spring cleaning time! You can either love it or hate it. Or you can be like me, and have the perfect excuse to redecorate!

Some people paint walls, some people reorganize a furniture layout. I like to change up decorations, which means new pillows or blankets and new pictures on the wall!

I use this time to change out photos and add new ones. The nieces and nephews get a year older, so do their photos. Group friend outings get new photos taken so those get replaced as well. But then there’s timeless artwork that’s nice to have too. And besides the old birds picture from the 60’s I got from my mother after she redecorated is just not my style… But I needed something on that wall.

Maybe you like certain styles, or certain painters. I like classic stuff such as Van Gogh and Monet. And if you can’t paint something nice yourself or have a bunch of money to shell out, Fulcrum Gallery is perfect!! They offer tons of styles and so many different artists! In fact you can get just about any size in a piece that you like! So you will find the absolute perfect piece for that spot on your wall.

The framing is gorgeous and also has a ton of styles and colors to choose from as well so anything will match your decor! And if you sign up for their email newsletter they have different sales throughout the year in every category! So you don’t have to just do it in the spring!

Even if you prefer a simpler poster frame for your dorm room or modern apartment, they have those to! You don’t have to go the fancy route. But why not if its something that will last you through multiple moves and go in any room you choose! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my Starry Night piece from them. And when I redo my bedroom this year I’m think one if Monet’s Water-lilies will look perfect across from my bed!

So check them out and look at getting your own decor! They have things for the kitchen or home bar in wine themes that I absolutely love as well!

*I received a piece to review from this company, but was otherwise not compensated financially. All opinions are my own and true.*

Bake It Fun Baking Mat

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So it’s no secret I love to bake. Or rather I can’t cook so at least I’m useful for something right!? Right? I’m going with it. So who doesn’t love cookies? But who likes the greasy bottoms, or the burnt bottoms. Problem solved! BakeItFun makes a Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat! But its not just for cookies

Although it does have perfect cookie placement circles (which I love) it also has rulers along each end for when I’m doing pies, or dough and can measure exactly what I need all on one thing! Yes, I also use this for my prep work. I don’t have (as) messy counters after, and less tools to use with this! It’s thin enough that you can bake cookies right on it and don’t have to worry about changing any settings. There’s hardly any residue left over when they come out of the oven either!

This thing is awesome, and like i said, I don’t just use it for baking only. I’ve even seen others use it for play mats with their kids play-do! Be warned of the sizes though. These work great with cookie sheets, but not so much the regular pans with sides. This one is a little too big to fit in them. But I have room to spare on my cookie sheets!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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