Guys! StitchFix will deliver maternity clothes to your door!!! No need to waddle through the store and get annoyed and hot and sweaty and tired. Try on at your own pace, Keep and pay for what you want, and ship back (for free) what you don’t!

Don’t know what StitchFix is? Let me help. So you go to their website here and fill our your style profile. No one is judging you here, so don’t be ashamed to put you’re ACTUAL size not what you wish or tell people, and don’t be afraid to put in what colors you love or loathe. The stylists are all here for you and want you to be happy! At the end there’s also a notes section where you can be more specific. So like for this maternity box I wrote that i was still rocking normal pants, but really needed more tops, so she threw in one pair of leggings (That I did buy mind you!) and the rest were work clothes.

You pay $20 up front for your stylist fee, but when you decide you want to buy anything, that $20 goes towards the purchase of anything in the box. Also if you decide you want to buy all 5 pieces that they send you, you also get a discount on that! You try them on within a few days, and then go online and fill out the little survey on what you like, what you didn’t, and tell them what you want to exchange (if you love it but you need a size smaller or bigger), what you want to send back, and what you’re keeping and paying for. You can also choose to get shipped a box monthly, quarterly, or on demand, so whenever you feel like you need new clothes. They have more than just maternity, they do normal styling as well as mens! You also get to decide what you want to see in your boxes, by choosing the frequency in your surveys (like I’ve put to always include tops and rarely include jackets).

This is no way sponsored or endorsed by Stitchfix, I just know I was looking for something for maternity clothes, and stumbled upon it. I’m just here to help the other preggo mama’s realize there are options! If you want to check them out you can do so here!