Ok so with a new little one on the way, I’ve been on the look out for all sorts of products to keep my little man safe and happy. When I got the chance to test this out i was thrilled! This is a great little tent perfect for a couple of small children even, that can go anywhere with us!

It folds up into a super compact pouch that has shoulder straps to carry to any destination. This is best suited for a beach or sandy area, as the middle area can be pulled down into a little pool almost if you want to add water to it, or just a little place to keep a young one from crawling/rolling away. it also works fine on a flat surface, although you may want to use a blanket or mat to put over the middle as it’ll be a bit wrinkly from the extra material. That’s really the only downfall this product has.

it comes with 3 stakes to keep it tethered to the ground. the back side opens completely with 3 zippers and tie backs if you want an open breeze throughout the shade. Or you can leave it zipped shut for more shade and there is about a 4 inch tall screen for air movement. There are also 2 small windows on either side that can zip open and be tied up to let a breeze in that way.

Tear down is a little more complicated to get it to become small and compact again to fit in the case. i tried to demonstrate as well as I could in the video at the end. You need to hold it kind of like a burrito and bend the top part back towards the middle and then overlap the 2 side circles that it creates. Once you do finally get the hang of it, the attached strap holds it all together and you can easily slide it back in the bag with the stake bag and be on your way home in a jiffy!

Want one of your own? You can find it here!