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More Duckies!

So to go along with this post about decorating your bathroom on the cheap and cute, I happened to randomly go to Ikea this weekend, to beat the snow. I found the cutest addition to my bathroom!!


I give you; Andy Warhol Duckies!

The best part?! Only $10! I feel that this may turn into an obsession… 😛 Do you have any themes going on in your comode space?

Cute easy Bathroom decorations

I love cute decorations. And knick knacks. and kitschy things. And my bathroom. Yes, it’s the most used room in the house, why shouldn’t it look cute!


I fortunately/unfortunately have a window smack in the middle of my wall, basically taking up any wall space, thats not the shower. And it sits right next to the toilet. While staring longlingly out my windo while sitting on the throne is not my ideal situation, it could happen. So why not use that space, for something other than dust, and airfreshners? Candles are too cliche, and over done. Yeah, i may light one when company comes over, but not my thing. And I have no counter space what-so-ever, and I don’t want it to be cluttered with stuff either.


The colors in my bathroom were planned to be bright blue and orange, so I started with the little blue duck on the left, and the vase. That’s it. It matched, I got it free at the fair, it worked. While checking out Target, over the holidays, i found the cute reindeer one, in the clearance section, for a dollar!!! I thought about taking it down and just putting it up at Christmas time, but then I saw the Valentines one, and decided screw it. They’re rubber ducks, I’ll rock it. And rocking it I’m doing.


I love this vase! Ikea find for a I think $2. The flower I believe was from Garden Ridge, and the colorful heart band? A bracelet I’ve had forever and never wore. It looks absolutely perfect and adds a little something without the boring ribbon. I may add marbles at the bottom, but probably not. It’s simple, easy and works!

Have you done any simple cute decorations?

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