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Baby Box Co’s free box with freebies!

The Baby Box Co has recently launched in the United States and is a company looking to focus on safe sleep habits for newborns. Finland has had a baby box since the 1930’s in which every single newborn is given a box to sleep in for its first few months along with necessities such as diapers and clothes. This has led to a major decline in infant mortality rates since its inception. I was thrilled to learn that this has now made its way here!

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I got a sample of Truvia to try for me and a friend from Crowdtap. I religiously use about 2 packets of sugar plus a sweet and low in my coffee. What can I say I like sweeter coffee. I’m a sucker for frappe’s especially. I used this in both tea and coffee and only one packet!! It was awesome! A friend of mine only used half a packet.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t one of those overly sickeningly sweet “sugars” but it gave just the right amount without having to add extra. Check out recipes on their website and Pinterest, to see I’m not wrong. They also do super work with those less fortunate. So win win!

What are your thoughts? Have you tried it yet?

Kroger Free Friday Downloads!

Ok so there’s a lot of stuff going on today, that I felt it was too much to post on the Facebook Page.

So first off, we have Free Friday Download! Every Friday, Kroger offers a new digital coupon that you can add straight to your Kroger card! You go shopping, pick up the item, scan your card like normal and bam! eCoupon will show up and take off the price of the item. The past few have been Colgate Toothpaste, Betty Crocker Mac n Cheese, Quaker Chewy granola bars, and Clear Scalp Therapy shampoo or conditioner! Today we get:

One FREE Box of Ultimate Helpers Expires 8/17

And not only is is Friday, but it’s a new month! that means that the 2x Fuel Points promo needs reloaded back to your card too!

Load a 2x Fuel Points coupon to your card and get double fuel points when you shop on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!

This is a super easy one! All you have to do is make sure to do your big grocery shopping trips on Friday Saturday or Sunday and bam! Double points! It doesn’t matter if you do big or little trips. in a few weeks I had over 400 points. With gas prices being all over the place, i got it for 40 cents off a gallon! I’ll take it!

And one final thing while you’re there. Kroger is having a What’s Grilling Giveaway.

Lift the lid and get prizes!

I haven’t been able to win, but I know some people have! You can get a $50 giftcard to Kroger, or even free items! Some of the items people have gotten (in the form of digital coupons loaded to their card) is Hidden Valley dressings, KC BBQ sauces, Kingsford charcoal, Glad containers, and a couple brands of hot dogs!

So while you’re on the site loading your freebies, might as well stop by and play an instant win game and take your chances! Let me know in the comments below if you were able to win!

Sugar n Spice VoxBox wrap up!

A couple months ago, I got my first Influenster VoxBox. “WTH is a VoxBox?!” you ask? I thought the same thing. It’s a magical box delivered to your doorstep full of all sorts of awesome things to try out! See my video of opening the box!

Colgate® Optic White®

This was by far my favorite thing in the VoxBox! It came with their toothbrush, Optic White toothpaste, and mouthwash. I am i nlove with the toothbrush the most I think. My gums don’t bleed anymore with this one! It’s soft enough to be gentle, but yet still gets the job done. The toothpaste does what it says. In a week I could tell a difference! The mouthwash is a little different. It kind of foams in your mouth. It’s still stingy and astringent like, and I can’t use it every day. This is one of those, when you have a big night type of uses.

NECTRESSE™ Natural No Calorie Sweetener

This stuff isn’t too bad. I’ve been a Sweet n Low girl for as long as I can remember. I like sugar, and I like sweet. This stuff? Not too bad actually! And its good for you! I don’t have to add near as much to my coffee in the morning, and cooking with it is a breeze! And again I personally don’t think you have to use as much as you would regular sugar. And I feel a little bit better indulging my sweet tooth with this stuff.

belVita Breakfast Biscuits

If you ate Teddy Grahams as a kid, and loved them, you will love these! They’re like a bite back into your childhood, but totally for your grown up world! The brown sugar cinnamon aren’t bad! In fact I’ve bought a few boxes since. (I love coupons!) So if you’re a light breakfast eater (like me) or even as a snack, these are great!

Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towlettes

I’ll let my video do the talking on this one 😉

Vaseline® Spray & Go Moisturizer

Green Giant Veggie Chips

I’m a compulsive snacker. Probably more than I should be. I’m a fidgeter, so I’m always grabbing chips or carrot sticks or even just water or juice. It’s also the reason I crochet a lot, but that’s another story. So I was excited when BzzAgent said they were going to send me a bunch of bags to sample of Green Giants new Veggie Chips! So I could snack and not feel so guilty!

I ended up getting 2 big bags, one was the sea salt flavor and the other the zesty cheddar. Then i got about 6 small bags of sea salt. I wished the small bags had been the cheddar. The zesty cheddar wasn’t too bad. It had a strong cheese flavor, and was reminiscent of nacho cheese Doritos. Light, full of flavor and not too bad actually!

The Sea Salt on the other hand… if you like salty though, this is right up your alley! I’m not a big salt person… If I’m salting food, then you know that food has to have no flavor. I don’t even really cook with it. So it could be me. Hubby on the other hand, who salts everything religiously before even tasting it, agreed it was almost too salty for him as well. When I’m craving salty though these might be good to go to, Fortunately I still have a few coupons left to go check out some other flavors! 🙂

**BzzAgent sent me free samples to try and review of Green Giant Veggie Chips. Would you like to check out new products and review them too? Take surveys to help your score, and find campaigns that are right for you, and you could score a BzzKit like this one too! Click Here to check out more on BzzAgent and sign up! 🙂

Freebie haul

Ok so I’ve meant to do this all week. I’ve had quite a few friends ask me about what in the world I’ve been doing on my Facebook account, so I thought I’d do a couple posts and help out.

I’ve recently gotten into the whole freebie and couponing craze, and I have to admit… It’s been way too much fun! Here’s been my first full week of free stuff!


Most of these I’ve found off a an awesome Facebook page, Freebie Ninja. He, and fans, post awesome stuff pretty much every day, so the works kind of done for you. So sign up, and if you have multiple emails, go for more freebies! Or create emails just for junk, like you can use the same name on gmail, yahoo, and hotmail. If that helps. If you get the dreaded “one per address” try adding an apt number, or an ‘s’ at the end of the road name, or swap some letters if you can. You can also be lucky, like me and have the house next to you, or across the street, vacant and use that as well. Hopefully your mailman is cool.

I’ll probably be posting these on Saturday or Sunday from the week. Feel free to ask me about anything and i’ll try to help you out if they’re still available. And I’ll be hooking y’all up with some other sites and what not 🙂

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