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See it. Stream it.

So I’ve had my Google Home set up in my house for a few months now. And I pretty much use it everyday. I have it set with almost one light in every room of the house. So when I get home, it turns on my lights and welcomes me home.

But one of the things that need added to it to really make your life easier, is the Google Chromecast. It’s one thing to tell my Google Home to play Baby Shark when the baby is crying, but some times you need visuals too. I simply have to say “Ok Google, play Splash and Bubbles from Netflix on my living room TV.” ¹ and screaming little one becomes quiet, engrossed little one when I have my hands full or can’t find the remote he ran away with.

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Friday Favs


Personally, I’m not sure I could hold out on this…. but it could be fun when you go out with a small group you haven’t seen in forever!


I’m going to preface this by, I’m voting for a 3rd party. Period. The end. Done. I don’t care what you say about the 2 main parties, they both suck. Ones scared of big businesses and caves to them, the other is afraid of vaginas and would rather outlaw them. Its a lose-lose. With that in mind, this made me literally LOL yesterday.

You have to admit its really kinda funny 😛

Weekend Outing

Jungle Jim’s in Eastgate is finally open! And my favorite thing about the new store? The Tasting bar. Beer, wine, and coffee and tea on the back side. Samples for a quarter, but I’ll take it!

Cute kitteh pic

I got up for 5 minutes and Lily and Lucy were all up in my spot….

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