If you know me, I like hanging out in yards/on decks/on my porch swing. Bonus when we bought our house (a year and a half ago) it had a big ol’ fire pit/brick oven in the back yard. Not so bonus/bonus, my yard sloped since i live on top of a hill and have a walk out basement. Finding a flat enough spot for a chair in my backyard is hard. There’s about 3 spots. And I always have to find them again when the hubby mows and moves my lawn chairs 😛

The yard was one of those things that I figured would come eventually. It was actually 2nd on my list (first being installing a half bath in my basement, so guests wouldn’t have to come upstairs when we had parties, 3rd being putting in a bar in said basement) Little did I know how things would change…

For Christmas my in-laws bought us a “Pop-Up Tent, with screens” is what they told us… We said great! we camp, it’ll be great! As you can see from the photo above… It’s not a camping pop up tent. it’s a gazebo. Albeit a really nice one, but not what we were expecting… Also from the above, you can see the only remote flat spot is in the center of my backyard, at the back near the brush line (again that i love and hate. It’s an amazing privacy barrier, but its such a mess) .

This is where my first up-cycle project comes in. My father-in-law, works for Kings Island, and they were selling their old rail road ties to the employees. So he bought some for him, and then brought us his leftovers, knowing we would use them for something. My plan was a garden, my husbands… well he was just going to go ahead and level out the yard. Or part of it.

This actually was a pretty easy project. I’m not going to lie, I could not for the life of me figure out how in the heck it was going to work. Fortunately my hubby’s a very visual person and had it all figured out. So we tilled the upper corner (where i wanted the patio eventually anyways), and he dug a trench for the bottom tie. Raked the dirt to be level with that one, then placed the other 2. Tilled, and raked some more until it was all even. The back diagonal one was kind of an afterthought (if you can’t tell from its slightly crooked nature) but finished it off. I now had a place to put my gazebo! At least I will when the grass seed we planted comes in. Which was great as I also came across one of those 10ft around 3 ft deep blow up type pools!, That would have to go in the back where my level spot is already!

So that project was done, the pool is put up, the gazebo temporarily tied down for a couple weeks. Well, the only non covered in brush spot in our yard, is what leads down the driveway… which you could see half of the pool from the road. Not a big deal, but still. That means I can’t skinny dip in my own pool! (ok not that that would actually happen anyways, but the thought is nice ya know? Isn’t that why you buy a house and not have roommates anymore? So you can walk around naked if you want?!)

Anyways, another friend of ours was getting rid of some tires, or trying to-recycling fees for tires is annoying, so I said I’d take them off his hands for free! No problem! Off to Lowe’s to buy some pretty pastel spray paint and I was ready for up-cycle project #2!

Valspar Paint + Primer. And a huge nozzle that saves your finger, and doesnt make a mess on your hand! these things are amazing!! and I really did only need one coat (ok except the yellow)

Fortunately we didnt plant grass seed back by the pool yet.

These longer "S" hooks were $2 at Lowes! And PERFECT! to hang on the fence and my tire

Halfway there

Ok the long term task is done. I also painted the back of the tires, since you could see it through the fence. That took about a day and half to dry totally. Next it was out to buy some soil and go find some pretty cascading flowers! The wave petunia’s I wanted weren’t looking so good, so I decided on snap dragons and some little blue ones (the name escapes me right now)

First off, Hubby drilled about 6 quarter inch drill bit holes in the tire treads of one section, so that the water could drain out. Next step, I put about 3 handfuls of soil in the bottom, spread it slightly up the sides to make it level. It went about halfway up the tire from the bottom middle. Then I took the most cascading along the bottom, the smaller petunias in the middle, and the other petunias on each side. Mind you, I did not get the healthiest looking flowers, as most were picked over. I’ll update once they get growing and hopefully spilling out from the tire.

The result is not a little bit of a nice looking privacy fence shielding my back yard from the road (as you can see the pool from this photo (and my left over tie, that will probably be another step off of my tiered yard on the right here.

And when the flowers get going, hopefully I’ll have a pretty view from the back too!

It will probably also help that I plan on adding one more tire to the other section of the fence, and I have 3 tomato plants to come outside and I’ll root them in between the tires. I’ll be all privacied up!

So who’s coming over for smores? 🙂